Meal Sales Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions and interpretation
    • Meal” means a specific meal selected by You on a Purchase Order to be supplied by Plant B Life.
    • Plant B Life” means Plant B Life Pty Ltd ACN 632 489 500.
    • Plant B Life Platform” means any platform which Plant B Life may use to facilitate the purchase of Meals, including Plant B Life’s website, known and located at
    • Purchase Order” means a Meal order that you agree to purchase via the Plant B Life Platform.
    • You” means the relevant business, individual or organisation that makes a Purchase Order.
  2. General Requirements to Purchase a Meal
    • By placing and completing a Purchase Order, You are making an offer to purchase the Meal with the specifications set out in the Purchase Order and therefore acknowledge,agree and accept these Terms & Conditions.
  3. Payment
    • Payment must be made at the time of submitting the Purchase Order. Plant B Life accepts payment made by credit/debit card.
  • Immediately following Plant B Life’s receipt of payment, Plant B Life will provide You with an email confirmation of the receipt of the Purchase Order as acceptance between Plant B Life and You for the purchase.
  1. No Cancellation
    • Once You have finalised a Purchase Order and Plant B Life has provided You with an email confirmation of the receipt of the Purchase Order, no cancellations will be accepted and no refunds will be provided.
  2. Description
    • Meals are described as accurately as possible, however,Plant B Life does not warrant or represent that the description is accurate. Plant B Life will take all reasonable steps to rectify any incorrect description.
    • Images are used for illustrative purposes only and Plant B Life does not guarantee that the images reflect or portray the full design or options relating to any Meal.
  3. Quality
    • You acknowledge and accept:
      • responsibility for the appropriate storage of Meals after pickup. Plant B Life will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any failure by You to appropriately store the Meals.
      • responsibility to collect the Meal within a time frame which will be specified at the time of the Purchase Order.
      • all Meals are made fresh on the day of pickup, however, Meals should be refrigerated after purchase and consumed within 48 hours from the date of pickup, unless frozen by You.
  1. Ingredients
    • It is Your responsibility to refer to the ingredients list as set out on the Website for each Meal prior to a purchase.
    • Plant B Life accepts no liability whatsoever for any allergic reaction by You as a result of consuming a Plant B Life Meal.
  2. Waiver
    • You irrevocably acknowledge and accept that in order to purchase a Plant B Life Meal, to the extent permitted by law, You hereby waive, release, covenant not to sue, and discharge Plant B Life from any and all claims, actions, suits, demands, losses and other liabilities arising from and/or in relation to the loss of property, any death physical or mental injury resulting from or in connection with Your purchase of a Meal, including but not limited to any allergic reaction. 
  1. Privacy Terms & Conditions
    • Except as set out in the Terms & Conditions, Plant B Life does not disclose or sell Your personal information to any third parties.
    • Plant B Life may disclose Your personal information to third-party services providers who perform services on their behalf. For example, Plant B Life may hire others to handle the processing of payments, to provide data storage, to host websites, to assist in marketing, or to conduct audits. Those third-party services provided:
      • shall be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need to provide such services;
      • must protect Your information; and
      • shall be prohibited from using it for any other purpose.
    • In certain circumstances, some information about Plant B Life’s customers, including personal information, may be disclosed due to:
  1. General
    • These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and unless specifically stated within these Terms & Conditions, no other representation, document or statement shall be considered part of this agreement. Plant B Life reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time.
  2. Declaration
    • You acknowledge, that You have read and understood these Terms & Conditions and declare that You agree to be bound by it.